Walks With Mommy: Beach/Splash Session

One very important lesson I learned about parenthood, later than I would like to admit, is that life doesn’t have to look beautiful to BE beautiful. From the moment I started nesting, while still pregnant with my Traecee, I felt that organization made for smooth days in parenthood. I cant remember reorganizing the diaper bag several times a week after our son was born, constantly changing his bib after every spit up, and dare I say it but even throwing away onesies with the smallest stains on them. Even into the toddler transition, I can recall stressing over avoiding the side of the park with dried dirt on the slide because we has errands to run after our park visit. Let’s be honest I was trippin’ there for a bit ya’ll.

I love that I’m in a place now where I marvel at the dirty between his toes as we dine out, and giggle as I rattle to sand out of his curls after a walk on the beach. I definitely encourage splashing in the puddles on the walk to the car leaving the grocery store. It’s all beautiful! Each grain of sand, each speck of dirt, and each blade of grass that we carry away with us holds a memory. A memory more beautiful than any level of organization could ever hold. It’s proof that we lived and experienced the Earth today! Thank you Traecee for showing mommy how beautiful the mess can be.


Walks With Mommy: Home Depot (Rainy Day)

Rainy day walks! I was sick all last week and Traaecee recently had a 24hour temperature; so I didn’t think it’d be a good idea to get wet and walk out in the rain. Home depot is such a large budling and kids his age get to use their imagination in so many ways! Light fixtures become space ships, storage boxes become castles, and the entire warehouse becomes one big jungle! Because of the size you dont have to squeeze by people and your little one has more room to run wild! It’s also big enough to actually burn some calories if you can do a couple of laps!

Walks With Mommy: Downtown Summerville


Capture the people you love. I love lifestyle photography! its actually one of my favorite styles of photography! Though I’ve never done an actual scheduled session, I am ALWAYS capturing the people I love doing natural day to day things. Nothing beats a beautiful photograph with a natural element! My favs are those in home lifestyle portraits. The baby playing in the kitchen sink, a mom and daughter making a mess of flour in the kitchen, a dad wiping the tears away from his little guy after a fall, or a family just laughing over the dinner table; all of those moments are beautiful and natural! I really think my camera and I are so privileged when we get to follow Traecee around an enjoy him being himself. I try to be the ultimate laid back momma during our walks. I encourage splashing in puddles and getting dirty. Sometimes messy makes for the best picture! We just walk and talk with no agenda. I let him pick left or right when we get to an intersection and just roll with the punches. I remember that my eyes are the best lens I can use! So, when walking with my little stud, when I see a moment to join in I don’t hesitate to slide my camera to my side and join in on the fun; and when I see him wanting to express himself I let life happen, open the lens, and choose a great F-stop 🙂 These will no doubt be some of my favorite pictures to look back on over the years.

Day 10: Childhood Memory

DAY 10

Childhood Memory

day 10

Easily one of my favorites! First, for the obvious reason, both my little one and this beautiful scenery definitely shine in this photo. I see tons of improvement in the angles and editing in this photo. And can critique a lot, of course, but I’m better than I was the day before and that’s progress to be proud of. Surprisingly the Childhood Memory here is the trail. Throughout Middle School, and even before, I loved running trials. In cross country the trail is one of the only places I felt confident and free. Id lace up my running shoes and run as fast as I could and still be able to talk and laugh through the journey. As a younger kid my sister and I would stack bricks and pretend we were protecting our kingdom. When we imagined in those woods just 60 seconds from home it really felt like we were in another world and every destiny was up to us! But mainly it’s the running thing. I conquered so many ‘I can’t’ statements in the wood beside Eastwood High School. Thinking back on it now I will definitely need to map out time to take a family walk back there on our next trip to Ohio. Who knows I may even lace up the ol’ running shoes and take a (much slower) stroll down memory lane.