Creating Rain: Mommy’s point of view

My reading list has grown and grown. Just when I creep upon the edges of an ending I add 3 or more literary adventures to the wilderness of my home library. Right now I am currently reading 4 books. I just started Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford. Day one has already lit a fire of intensity in my soul. My soul is hungry for a redefined relationship with my children. One that prioritizes and builds a foundation of courage and worth. One that says you are more important than the schedule, more important than the things, and loving you is at the top of my To Do List! If I’m honest, I’ve uttered the words “not right now” to my both my boys so many times this past week that recently my oldest started to walk away before I even finished the brokem record statement. Our littles don’t always understand the WHY. So when they see us surrounded by the lists and electronics and aren’t even greeted with eye contact as we brush them off; they likely hear an “I don’t want to” rather than the “not right now” we so hastily uttered.

I picked up the book while my husband took the boys to karate and not even 10 pages in I declared an overthrow! Gone with the mom who sits on her thrown of important tasks brushing off her children as though they were peasants to be seen and not heard! Gone with the mom who’s attention is so invested in the temporary materials that she misses the temporary irreplaceable moments of uniqueness and expression in her children! Gone with the mom who’s children find themselves at the bottom of the TO DO LIST! OFF WITH HER HEAD! Okay sorry I got carried away. Maybe not off with her head; but, surely off her point of view. I’m so excited for my kids to experience a mom who is on her way to a hands free revolution. I plan to blog throughout this journey but only in the free moments. Because no list, text, post, email, or even blog will rob my boys of the moments that were meant to be theirs!

Today it rained. The boys got home as soon as it stopped. I set the book aside as I heard the truck pull into the driveway. I opened the patio blinds and saw a small puddle had formed. I knew I needed a 1 step To Do List!


I grabbed the hose and declared war on the unintentional bystander I had become this week. We played, we laughed hard, we splashed, and we looked into each others eyes. Surprise; nothing bad happened from me pushing off the To Dos for an hour of intention with my little loves. Here is a photo collage of some pictures I took. I realize a camera is an electronic and doesn’t make me “hands free; but I needed to document this day. Day 1! I needed these images printed and posted all over as a reminder of, as the book says, “what I could have missed.” Traecee, my oldest loves our collage. His favorite picture is the fireman boots splash photo.