Daddy’s Girl

“We live in a world where people look towards the Christian instead of the Cross to define who God is.”

I am NOT perfect. I feel the need to say this now so you can read this with an open heart and an open mind. I am not perfect; nor am I encouraging you to be perfect or strive to be perfect. This isn’t about perfections its about definition and relationship. One of the ways I proudly define myself is that I’m a Daddy’s girl. I’m a daddy’s girl to both my earthly and heavenly father! I can remember when my dad and stepmom first met. After a few years my youngest stepbrother began calling my dad, “dad”. As a 6/7 year old I wanted to punch him in the face. See I’m not perfect; that doesn’t sound so Christian. Boy was he stepping on my territory! He was claiming my father! Eventually though I realized that he was a son. He loved my father, he and my dad had a great relationship, and he respected him as a son should. He really didn’t need my permission be my father’s son; he proved that he could fulfill that role based on his actions. After a while, a long while :-), it didn’t bother me so much because I saw their relationship reflect the titles that they shared with each other. Father and son. Besides, I’ve got a pretty awesome dad it would be selfish of me to try and keep him all to myself!

Lately I find myself entering back into this territorial state of mind. But with stakes that are eternally high! This daddy’s girls feels pretty territorial over her heavenly father. Let me explain. We live in a world where you simply have to define yourself as a Christian and anything you say or do can be used against Christ in a court of law. Excuse me if it angers me that someone can simply claim my Father’s name and then proceed to drag it through the mud. It’s the same reason I get upset with myself when I go against his ways. I feel ashamed but I turn towards repentance because I know I carry his name and in this world the things I say and do are going to reflect on Him.  I am NOT without sin; and because of this truth my life is not without repentance, my life is not without the word of God, and my life is not without prayer and communication with my father. We live in a world where people look towards the Christians instead of the Cross to define who God is. So, I was angry. Angry at the news stations, papers, media, social media… but I never stopped to think of OUR responsibility in it all. Yes the media is full of uneducated individuals who are more than willing to drown the name of the Lord into a red cup just for ratings and to stir up attention and controversy. We feed into it. We calls ourselves Christians without ever walking into the relationship of what that actually means!

These Four words have made one of the biggest impacts on my life: “I never knew you.”

 What Christians, those in relationship with Christ, have realized and what the rest of the world needs to realize is that it doesn’t matter what the cup we bring to the table looks like; if we don’t have a relationship with our father who sits at the head of our table then we are drinking our own poison. So, what’s my point here? We need to enter in to a relationship with Christ as we choose to identify with him. Unfortunately the world has so many views of Christ from Christians who have never spend time in his word, who do not enter in to prayer and communication with him, and those who don’t live their life with eternity in mind. Christianity isn’t clean or perfect. Think of the greatest example of a Christian in your life today…got their face in your head? My dear madam/sir you have surely met a sinner. I am a sinner. No one is perfect and their isn’t a perfect model for Christianity. But I can tell you for certain a life without relationship with the Lord is not the life of a Christian. So how can the world speak on what upsets Christians without even having a grasp or definition of what being Christian really means. I am a Downard because I have entered into a relationship with my husband and taken on his name. Not just because I like the idea of him, but because I am engaged in an on going relationship with him. Our society even deems that when you are married but are no longer engaged, no longer living together or participating in an on going relationship, you are separated. Want to be a Christian? Engage with the Lord. When you take on His name remember that you are now a child of God. You are not of this world.

for blogSo what’s the answer? If you want to define yourself as a Christian enter into a relationship with Him. If you want to know who He is read His word. Then… go out into the world and be fishers of men for His name sake.

Now put that in your Red cup and drink it!

With Grace & Love,



2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Girl

  1. Angel says:

    Girl, I could read your blogs all day! I’m not always great at putting my thoughts on paper. But when I read your words, it’s my thoughts and feelings! You are so real and so eloquent, you speak TRUTH, which is so hard to come by these days. Thank you for sharing your heart and your talent of putting your words on paper. It is so encouraging, uplifting and written with wisdom! 💕

    • ❤ Thank you! I use to feel like I didn't have a 'talent' that I could use to bring people to Christ. But I remember I can live a life that honors him, I can serve, and I can write out my thoughts in hopes to reach others! So glad you were able to read this. There are some typos lol will fix them once them kids give me a chance.

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