Walks With Mommy: Downtown Summerville


Capture the people you love. I love lifestyle photography! its actually one of my favorite styles of photography! Though I’ve never done an actual scheduled session, I am ALWAYS capturing the people I love doing natural day to day things. Nothing beats a beautiful photograph with a natural element! My favs are those in home lifestyle portraits. The baby playing in the kitchen sink, a mom and daughter making a mess of flour in the kitchen, a dad wiping the tears away from his little guy after a fall, or a family just laughing over the dinner table; all of those moments are beautiful and natural! I really think my camera and I are so privileged when we get to follow Traecee around an enjoy him being himself. I try to be the ultimate laid back momma during our walks. I encourage splashing in puddles and getting dirty. Sometimes messy makes for the best picture! We just walk and talk with no agenda. I let him pick left or right when we get to an intersection and just roll with the punches. I remember that my eyes are the best lens I can use! So, when walking with my little stud, when I see a moment to join in I don’t hesitate to slide my camera to my side and join in on the fun; and when I see him wanting to express himself I let life happen, open the lens, and choose a great F-stop 🙂 These will no doubt be some of my favorite pictures to look back on over the years.


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