Beautiful You ~ Beautiful Me

More and more lately people have been saying that my son Traecee  looks just like me. A spitting  image of his father, but a reflection of me as well. I’m not always the most confident of people; but I’ve started to wonder what that really means for my Traecee. When those words, “you look just like your momma”, fall on his ears what will that mean to him as his understanding grows? Will he think to himself, “well mommy doesn’t think much of her appearance so what does that say about me?” Or, will he be assured in the fact that I’ve excepted the truth that I, like us all, was made in the image of God and my purpose along with my image is beautiful!

Beautiful you beautiful me

Beautiful you beautiful me

I won’t pretend that physical appearance isn’t important, because it clearly is in our society. But I’ll tell you one thing, the way you feel about yourself will have a big impact on how the world treats you. One of my good friends shared this quote with me the other day: ” wherever you go, there you are”. You are the one person who has to spend the most time with you. I notice a greater aspect of mental positivity when Me, Myself, and I are all getting along. The beautiful thing about not liking who you are is that you’re the one who can change it. I recently got my braces off after two years. I am much more confident now because my smile is so important to me. I’m much happier now and I’m thankful for that; but sometimes I wonder if I wasted 2 years hiding my smile. There are probably only a dozen pics of me in the past two years showing teeth. I wonder what if I had focused more on the opportunity to laugh than the outward appearance of my smile? What if I let the beauty of the moment outweigh my negative opinions of my smile.  I can tell you that there would be many more memories to share.

When it was just about me I was much more stubborn with changing. Now, after praying to God to help me see myself through His eyes, and realizing that my acceptance of myself  is about more than just me; I decided to accept to truth about my image. First what I was made to do is far more important than what I was made to look like. Second, my acceptance of myself is much more necessary than the world’s acceptance of me. When I accept myself I am saying to God “I appreciate your works and believe that you are purposeful and make no mistakes.” Third, as a mother my Christ – Confidence allows my child to say “I understand I was made in His image and I will always be beautiful to Him and that’s enough.” It’s more than enough. Traecee you are more than enough! You are beautiful and so am I. Not because of who or what we look like, but because of whose we are. We are His; you and I. Beautiful YOU; beautiful ME.

With Grace&Love,



Dear Traecee,

When I think of you I think to myself “what a wonderful world”



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