Here’s Why I Blog

why i blog imageHere is why I blog

Number 1: Words are beautiful! There seems to be a million places for words; street signs, billboards, social media, and of course books. I just wanted to create an oasis of beautiful words linked together to create a greater meaning.

Number 2: Because I have something to say.

Number 3: Because I’m not alone and neither are you, and sometimes it just takes a bold statement for us to know that we’re not alone.

Number 4: I’ve been asked to. I’ve been told by more than one person to keep writing. When I first started this blog my goal was to have at least one reader; an as long as there is one person reading my blog and gaining something positive from it, I’ll keep going.

Number 5: It’s therapeutic.

Number 6: It’s purposeful. I like that I’m able to categorize my writings. I’m not just saying anything, I’m saying it with a purpose. I always think of how the words that I put out there will affect the minds and hearts and spirituality of the person receiving my words.

Number 7: Because it makes me happy! When you can find something that makes you happy and glorifies God at the same time, then by all means, GO FOR IT!


Thank you to every one of my supporters bother known and unknown.

With Grace&Love,



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