Goals vs. Motivation: Fitness


 knockoutBefore you begin your health and fitness journey you need to fight your mental battles before succeeding at your physical ones. Whatever you choose to let motivate you needs to be a solid foundation! By solid foundation I mean something that will transition with you. A constant production of positive energy and encouragement. Sometime that you will strive after for an extended period of time. It should be something that comes from a place of passion and heart; you’ll know the difference between your short term goals and your overall motivation when you look closely at the details. Let’s say you receive an invite to your high school reunion. The very same day you trade your fries for fruit and go from couch to treadmill at the drop of a hat! Now let’s say your reunion is on the 15th of the month; what happens on the 16th? Are you willing to fill your calendar with reunions and meet ups just to stay motivated?? If so, who are you really trying to impress and will you ever be successful at impressing every person you come across?

Even our Lord and Savior himself had haters so we are definitely not exempt from the unrealistic judgments of the world so let’s stop trying to meet them. Let’s recognize the difference between setting a GOAL to slim down before a reunion, or whatever event is on your calendar, and letting leading a healthy lifestyle to expand your overall fitness abilities and playground energy be our MOTIVATION. Get into the right mindset or even if you get it right in the gym and on the scale it’ll be for all the wrong reasons. List your motivations and goals and hang them where you can review them daily and remember the difference. Here are some of my personal goals vs. motivations:



*Fit into my birthday dress comfortably

*Reduce back & knee pain

*lose weight before summer vacation


*Gain better self-control

*Be a healthy example for my kid(s)


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