Start Now: A Review of the Dear Heart Designs

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”

Jack Canfield

Sarah Ann Rogers, author of Sarah Ann Rogers Living real. Living well., bravely walks through the bridge separating fear from passion and bravery. She’s headed toward success with her new creation the Dear Heart Designs. Sarah takes two things women crave, especially mothers, and creates a double threat of bliss. Her new Etsy shop combines coffee with confidence in a simplistic yet eye capturing way that has me very intrigued. These coffee mugs are simple to obtain and down to earth. She embodies them with the quotes that inspire and lift her soul in hopes that they will do the same for her customers. You can find out more about her creations by following the link:

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Here are my three favorite things about the Dear Heart Designs:

1.)    Simplicity. Starting your own business, no matter the size, can be time consuming. Sarah’s mug design idea exemplifies how you can take something small, the size of a mug for example, and create something wonderful. It’s something that could have us all thinking, “Hey I bet I could do something like that!”

2.)    Empowerment. Her willingness to GO FOR IT! Has me wondering what small talents I may be overlooking that can be something excellent if I looked at them with a different perspective. The words she chooses careful to draw out on each mug are words that we each can benefit from adding to our every morning dialogue.  

3.)    Affordable. Recently while I went store to store shopping for some new items to add to my wardrobe I rolled my eyes at the reminder of how much we pay for the tag on our clothing. I went store to store seeing some of the same designs and quality at VERY different prices. I thought to myself we spend an extra $50 (or more) for the name printed on the 1 inch tag tucked on the inside of our clothing. These mugs are very affordable. We spend more than $10 on a trip through the drive-thru. Her site makes it easily accessible and having met her personally, she is a trustworthy, Christian person who would be a fair business woman.


So check it out, leave your comments, and be inspired. Ask yourself, what talents am I overlooking that could be greatly beneficial to me??… Then GO FOR IT!


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