Dear Traecee pg 2 “Explain yourselves”

Dear Traecee,

9f362032c0ede4750b1b62968a6e13cdI’m going to jump the gun here and bring up the topic before you bring it to us. You won’t notice it for a while then one day someone is bound to ask… “Traecee??, isn’t that a girl’s name?”, “Did your parent want a girl??” These are the type of questions that you can either tune out OR you can tell your story… Let mommy make this clear to you; we wanted you! We love you and everything about you and being our first born son makes you special. You’ll always be our first love. Any siblings that come after you will be special too because that means that we had so much love to give that we decided to continue on in the growth of our family.

SO, back to the question..  You may not even be bothered by your first name; you may even go by Traec or Trae like your uncle Trey. But, like your father, you may guard the truth of your middle name with your life. You must be wondering, were there any other choices?!! Yes there were a few other choices. If we had a boy we first considered Traecee Makai (pronounce Ma-Kii); truth is daddy came up with that one and well I wasn’t into it as much as he was 😉 Then for a long while you were to be named Traecee Liam. I said this name aloud at least a dozen times a day. It didn’t fill my heart the way it should when you call out your unborn child’s name. So I started thinking. I thought about all the people who have names that mean something; names that represent a story or a legend or a tradition. Your father and I liked the idea of starting a tradition of unisex names for all of our sons. I’ve always loved your father’s name and besides he’s kind of a “pretty boy” so the name fits him well. I started to think about your story; our story. About how I found out we would be expecting you just a week after an infertility scare. God knows that I stress so he never leaves me in worry for longer than I can bare. We were so happy that I took 4 different test just so I could see the double lines keep appearing. The test in the doctor’s office was the fifth and it was Confirmed. Traecee you were a miracle in a place where we didn’t see what God had planned for us but we never disobeyed him and never tried to create our own plan. I started to search unisex names and when I came across your middle name it all made sense. Mt. Moriah is, at times, a misunderstood journey. Unbelievers may not understand how our God could ask such a thing of Abraham and more so how could Abraham obey God’s orders to sacrifice his own son!? If you keep reading you get to the miracle, because Abraham had begun to do as God had asked without questioning, God provided an answer to his prayers and spared his son.

When I was checked for infertility and asked to have your father seek testing I felt as if God was sacrificing our dreams. I felt as if God had asked us to bare the unthinkable. I know there are many people in the world who cannot give “birth” naturally to children, many of them are still rightfully and truely parents today because our God provides for us. For me, into my late teens I’d known that I would find so much of my identity in being a mother and I knew pregnancy would bring maturity, and I wanted that experience in it’s entirety. I was losing faith and gaining worry and your father reminded me that we must obey God and trust his plan for us. The news of your birth put us in a place where God provided a miracle for us. His grace and mercy extends so far if we reached our hands up to him with faith and open hearts.Your birth reminded us that God can move Moutains (Mount). You were named after Mt. Moriah because its such a beautiful names and it allows us to forever remember your story. I hope you understand and I know that we will raise you to appreciate all that you are; because we surely do. We love you Traecee Moriah!

Always Loving You,



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