Quick Tip: 5 Steps For A More Confident Day

1.)    Set things in motion the night before. Lay out clothes, plan breakfast, and have work/school supplies ready.  A hectic morning can be a ripple effect for a hectic day.

2.)    Give thanks before your feet hit the floor. I take this literally!

3.)    Look in the mirror and be the first person to tell yourself “Good Morning “! Say whatever you need to say to get your spirit moving. Be your own encourager. If the words don’t come to you that’s fine we have this wonderful book called The Bible full of words passed down to us to nourish our souls (suggestions: Psalm 139:13-16).


4.)    Let the music guide you. Start the morning with some jams that put you in the mood to take on the day.

5.)    Set goals for each day so you have the opportunity to check them off and feel accomplished.  Do it no matter how small your goal is. If your goal is to do nothing, well then heck, write it down and check that baby off at the end of the day and feel accomplished!


2 thoughts on “Quick Tip: 5 Steps For A More Confident Day

    • LaVondaMarie Downard says:

      I’m been doing them. Easier to write than do lol. Some mornings the last thing I want to do is look at my tired self in the mirror and say “Good Morning” but I do and I smile afterwards everytime 🙂

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