Lunch Break

It’s Jan 9th, 2014 and the day is Thursday. You know that day standing between you and your TGIF. Yes, that cold, long day. It’s the kind of day that when someone asks “How are you”, you respond “Okay I guess”. It’s been an uneventful day and all I can think of is how I need to exercise, go grocery shopping, take my son on a mommy son date, and clean up my entire house head to toe including the yard and my car. I’m definitely a list maker. Needless to say my mind is anywhere but where I am now. In the midst of my scattered brain storm something miraculous happened.

Spent my lunch break at a wonderful friend’s house, and as time for me to head back to work approached her daughter began to cry for “da-da”. Her father is one of our protectors, our willing angels, a Solider. He’s been absent from his family for a while doing the duty set before him for our country’s safety and security. Hannah got the text, “be home in five minutes”. Myself and another of Hannah’s friends who had been visiting her today began to quickly clear out so the family could be alone as they welcomed their husband, father, and friend home. He must have been eager because he pulled in as I was pulling out, which took all of 2minutes! His car, facing the opposite of mine, was parked so that I would have to pass it on the way back to work. Everything began to slow down as I passed him and honked with excitement while yelling “welcome home”! He waved but his eyes were locked on his family standing at the door waiting to swallow him up in their arms. The smile on his face could have changed lives, heal a broken heart, and brighten even the Grinch’s day! No exaggerations, it was seriously magical. Since my husband and I met after his duration in the USAF (“Nothing’ll stop the U.S. Air Force”), I’ve never experienced a ‘coming home’ moment other than on television. It was so amazing to be a part of their families heart felt moment even if it was just from the car. But, it was at that very moment when I saw his smile that I realized … I’m doing just fine.

Before Jeremey came home superwoman, a.k.a Hannah, was running around taking care of everything. She was in the kitchen holding their son when I got to her house; she’d had her daughter’s lunch set out, changed both the kids, picked up a few things, and was entertaining guest. When she got that notice that her husband would be home in five minutes she dropped everything to be in the moment. It made me think what do I need to drop so that I can be alive right now? It’s not enough that our hearts beat quietly while we exist in harmony with the world; we have to learn to live alive otherwise our heart’s gracious efforts go in vain. I’ve said it before the grocery list and cleaning can wait, but it’s a serious thing when our “to do list” makes us unproductive in the ‘right now’s’ of our lives. For some of you before reading this post you may have took one look and said it’s too long, or your don’t have time to read it right now. What’s on your mind right at this very moment? When you get a moment to yourself I want you all to play your favorite song on loud, dance like the world is watching and you could care less what they think, and notice the little things about the ones you love. Does she twirl her hair when she’s nervous, do his eyes shrink when he smiles, and how noticeable are her freckles after she washes her face at night? The answers to questions like these will be the key to deciding to live beyond the beating of your heart and will have the ability to feed your soul.

With Grace & Love,

LaVonda Marie

Dedicated to the Kaser Family. Hannah thank you for being a great friend and an even greater inspiration.


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