Hidden Compliments (For Teens)

Did you here that? Yea, that girl over there; that one that didn’t invite you to lunch with the other girls where they would sit and gossip and put everyone down in a sad attempt to feel better about themselves. Yes THAT girl just gave you a great compliment did you hear it? I didn’t at first either until I dug deeper into the issue and found the hidden compliments.

I heard the most wonderful quote the other day; “Everyone needs haters; they tell your testimony”.  I’ve never thought of it that way. We must look at these situations and try to find the good in it; it’s easier than you think. I’ve always tried to be particular at what I use my strengths for. What you use your strengths for can be a big reflection of your character. Let’s take the example above of the ‘gossip girls’ who excluded someone from lunch. What are they really saying about that girl? Well they could be saying that she’s not good enough to hang out with them. Maybe they’re saying she’s not the type of girls that’s welcome in their clique.

Now some of you have already figured out the compliment and if you haven’t I’ll let you in on the secret. You do NOT want to be good enough to be a part of anyone’s clique.  You do not want to have common characteristics with those who step on others to get ahead. These individuals need your prayer and not your desired acceptance into their group. Have the courage to stand alone if you have to. There are millions of people who don’t fit in to what others try to shape them for. If you don’t, let me encourage you to find your own way rather than conform to the negative influences of others. Your stand against this type of bullying can be just what the world around you needs to see to know that they are enough and they are important. Let the company you keep be the character that speaks for itself.

With Grace & Love,



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