And the Oscar goes to…

And the Oscar for best performance in Over-reacting goes to…Well, looks like there isn’t enough room for all of our many names on this Oscar.

A trend of this generation when things are going wrong is to declare “FML”. If you don’t know what this stands for let me just say the ‘F’ is silent and not to be spoken in my household! FML, or ‘F’ my life, is an acronym used on FB, in text messages, and other social media networks, when life is so messy that you’re either ready to throw your hands up or you already have. I can honestly relate to a similar reaction. A reaction related to having a one year old, with molars breaking through his gums, stand in your face crying while chewing his precious little fingers and you cannot do anything but Pray and cry with him. It is in this place where I become a child again, Daddy’s little girl, and curl up in God’s arms and let him handle the day =)

Let’s break down this performance because there seems to be an occurring cause. It seems that we may over react for many reasons.
1.) We believe we could have done things much better
2.) We don’t understand why the outcome occurred
3.) We overreact because we feel that the event or occurrence has affected our schedule or emotional wellbeing.
This is just to name a few. Some of us may not relate to, or may not be willing to admit to, the first two, but that third one seems to be a recurring cause of our negative reactions.

Spilling something on the carpet now means that you have to bust out the sweeper or carpet cleaner an add chores to your already hectic schedule. Forgetting something on the grocery list ruins your perfect recipe and it just will not taste the same. Having a coworker perform their assignment incorrectly creates extra work for you; but if you had done the job yourself if would be perfect right? Been there said that! Time rewinds for no man so in these times we should reflect and consider before reacting. My mind has the ability to run ‘a mile a minute’ so I’m always weighing things over in my head. Recently I’ve noticed my ability to overreact in many situations and I’ve started weighing a few things now before I react.

 What will over-reacting get me?
 How can I look at things from a different point of view?
 How will my reaction better things?
 What will my reaction say about my character?
 How can I encourage other with my reaction?

What will over-reacting get me? Is my attitude going to grow legs and clean the mess on the carpet for me? Science hasn’t gone this far yet, so I’ve decided to save time and just get right to correcting things so I don’t waste even more of my time complaining. How can I look at things from a different point of view? Today after I spilled some seeds on the carpet, during my child’s nap meaning that I’d have to create unwanted noise by vacuuming, I realized I need to replace the vacuum cleaner. I forgot to put this in the budget for this month so that spill saved me from spending the money I’d need to replace the sweeper. How will my reaction better things? There aren’t many cases that I can think of where overreacting made things better. Even if you get what you want out of overreacting think of how your character may look now. How can I encourage others with my reaction(s)? I’m so happy to be able to inspire others with my actions. It’s one of the things I pride myself on. By not overreacting to certain situations I’ve been able to help others open their eyes to what’s really important. How we react to things says a lot about where our faith stands. I’ve seen many miracles in my lifetime; knowing what God can do means that we do not have to create end of the world reactions to the ‘little things’ that can easily be handled. Weigh your options, choose your battles, and remember to choose joy. Your time is much better spent choosing joy than overreacting to things that God has already taken care of. It’s a working progress but give it all you’ve got. You won’t be sorry.

Create an upbeat, motivational playlist to drown out your thoughts
Eat healthy and exercise so you have more energy to handle the day to day stress
Pray and having a support system (spouse or significant other, church group, family, close friend)
Don’t be afraid to step away
When all else fails turn to the one who never fails


(If you’re going to over-react do it positively; it’s cuter that way)

With Grace & Love,


2 thoughts on “And the Oscar goes to…

    • LaVondaMarie Downard says:

      Trust me your not alone some weeks the stress gets to me and every broken nail is an END OF THE WORLD scenario =)

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