Enemy Repellent

I found it! The ultimate way to get rid of your enemies and this plan is tailored so that there will be no evidence left. Now before you race for the keys and head to the nearest weapon store I need you to stick with me here for a bit because the weapon I’m talking about can’t be bought there. Here are the directions to the location where you can find this amazing enemy repellent. If you’re standing that’s the quickest way to get to this space. I’m on my way now so follow me. Put your right knee on the floor and then your left; bring your hands to a folded position in front of your chest, now you’re there!

My grandmother use to annoy me in the best of ways with this advice. I love talking with her about my issues because she is so wise, kind-hearted, and speaks with a Christ like perspective. However, there were just some things I didn’t want to hear. I remember all the thoughts in my head one of the first times we spoke about enemies. I thought “you want me to do what for my enemy? Did you not just hear me tell you all the things he/she did to me and said about me? Maybe she heard me wrong…” But she sure didn’t. That beautiful woman I look to for much advice before and who had never steered me wrong gave me the ultimate advice of Praying for my enemies.

Knowing what I know now, I realize my granny may be on to something here. What better way to get rid of someone than to give them to God? Now unwrinkle your noses I mean that in the best of ways. Who better to turn someone around, change their hearts for the better, purify their souls, and fix the things for them that make them most miserable and hateful? Who better than God? Well, no one. He is the greatest after all. So pray for your enemies with kind heartedly. Pray for them from head to toe. Choose Joy at every possible opportunity. If you already have something on your heart give it to God but here is my example of a head to toe prayer for your enemy.

Father, please introduce instructions of Grace into the mind of (insert name here). I pray that their eyes may see the glory of your works and that their ears be open to hear your word. I ask that their tongue be used to glorify you and that it is slow to speak angers into the world. God I pray that their shoulders be lifted of the burdens, unknown to me, that they may be carrying. As you work on his/her mind, eyes, ears, shoulders, and tongue I pray that (insert name here) has a heart open to receive your Grace. May their hands do no harm to others and may their feet walk in the glory of your name alone.

In Jesus name,


Just like a good shampoo repeat this pray as needed 😉

With Grace & Love,



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