Blown out Tires

Yesterday I listened to a radio personality talk about how we plan our day sometimes without knowledge of the bigger plan. She and her husband had planned their day out step by step. The 1st step was for her husband to stop and put air in one of the tires on their car. He soon after called her with the news that while filling it with air the tire had blown. Now everything was cancelled as rerouted around repairing their means of transportation. Their schedule was O-V-E-R over! The tire had blown. She reflected on how sometimes God lets a tire be blown because he has a bigger plan for us.

Has God ever blown your tire? Stopped your plans? Pressed the over ride button? I once thought that God had blown my tire on the path to parenthood. My husband and I had been waiting a long time to receive the news that we were going to be parents, but time and time again we received the ‘negative’ end of the results. I watched teenage and accidental pregnancies happen around me and I thought to myself where’s my Grace? I remember a low moment where I thought I’m married and I have all my ducks in a row I surely deserve my Grace before them, right??…WRONG. There I was comparing again. As I heard my pastor once say “who are we to control God’s grace”. Truly the man who died on a cross, for a debt that I could never repay, should get to decided when, where, and how he extends HIS grace. I found out 9months later that he in fact was being so beautifully, wonderfully, and ‘discreetfully’, graceful. He was forcing me to use my spare tire. You know that things that many of us never touch or even think about until we need it most. My spare tires were my dreams, my education, and my relationships. In the 9 + months I spent trying to become a mother I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work (becoming a first generation college grad) and we accepted our dream of moving to South Carolina where my husband would get to work with airplanes again. We also grew closer to God than we had ever been before while building a solid community of Christian support. I had begun taping into characteristics I never realized I had. Then came that moment where God’s plan was so in order that all I could do was laugh. Early in the day we had prayed and repented to God and become at ease with our two member family; that very night, that beautiful star filled, Carolina sky night, I found out that I was indeed pregnant.

God blows out our tires and forces us to use a spare not as punishment but because he may be looking for us to focus on our spares. In the book I am currently reading, Resolution for Women, the author explains that forgiveness is 10% what is done to us and 90% how we react to it. I am paraphrasing of course; she explains it much better if you want to pick up her book. I think this can be applied to almost any aspect of our lives. We spend a lot of our time reacting. When God blows your tire how will you react?

With Grace & Love,

(Our son Traecee M. Downard born June 17th, 2012. If you ever need a smile he’s always got one.

Photo courtesy of PJ Photography)


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