Thank you for visiting With Grace and Love

Wife, Mommy, Photographer, and most importantly a Daughter of the King. Here’s a quick introduction of myself. My name is LaVonda. I put hot sauce on my popcorn. I kiss my sons way too much.



I still have a crush on my husband, he gives me butterflies.


I don’t trust cats. I want a lot. I don’t need much. I have too much faith in humanity. I’m always working to have more faith in myself. I am human. My voice is powerful. My heart is always open, my mind is the tricky part.

I am “a woman after God’s own heart”. Among many things, I love books, picnics, food, family and Christ; Christ most of all. With EVERY passing day I see an example of Christ on earth and think to myself, ‘the world needs to know about his love and grace’. Well this is me sharing! I’ve always been good with words, my mind is always running, and I almost always have something to say. From family, self-encouragement, letters to my son, fitness, and the many smells of the kitchen, this is me sharing all my many adventures and intuitions with those willing to read the whispers of the pages… but remember to read them With Grace and Love.

With Grace & Love,

LaVonda Marie


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